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6 Big Social Media Mistakes You Need To Avoid

A lot of small businesses rely upon marketing to stay competitive in today's market.

There are a lot of blogs out there that give you helpful tips on what to do with social media, but there isn't a lot of helpful advice on what to AVOID.

In this post I will give you advice on 6 HUGE mistakes you need to avoid in order to be successful in marketing your business using social media.

1. Not having a plan for social media

Using social media for your business is the first step to a successful marketing strategy.

But read what I said again... the first STEP to a successful marketing strategy.

In order to harness the true power of social media from a marketing perspective, you need to have a plan in place.

Logging on every day is a great start, but you need to develop goals and take very specific steps towards achieving those goals every day.

Do you want to build a larger following? Market a new product? Connect with other local businesses?

You will need to lay out a detailed plan in order to measure your success as you work towards your goals.

Pinpoint which specific tasks you need to complete each day and how you will decide whether or not your ideas are working.

And please don't forget- sometimes things are trial and error. You need to identify what your customers like to see and start molding your strategy around that.

2. Using the same strategy across all social media platforms

While having a presence on a variety of social media platforms is awesome, you can't use the same strategy on all of them.

How you execute your steps towards goals should be different on each profile page.

For example- your activity on Twitter is short lived. In order to be successful on Twitter, you need to post a LOT more than how often you post on Facebook.

Develop specific strategies for each social media platform you use for your business.

3. Not engaging with your audience

Social media marketing is all about building relationships with your followers.

If you never respond to comments or interact with those who follow your page, they will stop engaging with your posts.

You need to take the time to build relationships with them.

Social media isn't just about marketing. It's about customer service, networking, and building a customer base.

You want to connect with your followers in order to build that relationship.

Connect with them by sharing things that resonate with them and that they will find interesting.

4. Only talking about yourself

Yeah, yeah... they know. You sell ____________. <- (Insert your product or service here.)

Constantly hammering their newsfeeds with your products and services is a quick way to get unfollowed.

It gets boring. It gets old.

This goes back to building that connection with your followers. Share things that they will find interesting.

Don't make it only about you, your business, and the products or services you sell.

Share things they will find useful or interesting. Sometimes this means sharing things that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with your business.

This builds that personal connection you want followers to associate with your brand.

If a lot of your followers are parents, share a funny parenting meme! Posts like this are more likely to be shared, too- which increases your opportunities for making new connections.

5. Having too many accounts to manage effectively

You don't want to over-extend yourself.

Not only that, many small business owners are experts in their fields, not social media marketing.

You aren't expected to be an expert in everything.

So if you are not able at this point in time to hire a social media marketing professional, pick 2 or 3 social media platforms and do them WELL.

Which three you pick is dependent upon what kind of business you are.

However, a Facebook profile is a must-have. If you only have the time and skill to focus on ONE profile for your business, make sure this one is it.

If you can handle one or two more, think about where your customers are likely to be.

Do you have a lot of business professionals who use your products or services? LinkedIn would be a great addition to your social media strategy.

Is a large portion of your customers millennials? Do you sell products? Instagram is the cool place to hang out.

Remember that each of these social media platforms has to be used in a certain way and one is not like the others.

6. Alienating groups of your audience

Unless you are a largely successful company in a niche market, chances are you need to tread lightly in certain areas.

Refrain from making posts or statements that will alienate a section of your followers.

Save harsh political or religious judgment for your personal profile.

Sharing something that may make a group of your customers feel like they don't belong is a fast way to lose them.

Think about the image you want to project to your followers.

Many small businesses can't afford to reject large groups of people.

This doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your personal beliefs for the sake of your business.

It just means that you have to be respectful to ALL of your customers in order to keep them coming back.

Using Social Media For Your Business

Please keep in mind that no one is an expert in everything.

Just like I'm an expert in social media marketing and developing strategy, you're an expert in your business.

I wouldn't know how to install an air conditioning unit. I'm not a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I am not a psychiatrist.

Therefore, you should never feel uncomfortable asking for help or ideas from someone who is an expert in their field.

If you would like some guidance developing and implementing a social media marketing strategy that will work for your business, I can help.

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