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10 Ideas For Facebook Posts On Your Business Page

If you're like a lot of business owners, you need help with fresh ideas for posts on your Facebook page.

It's hard to come up with new ideas that will keep your audience interested in the content that you post.

Let's face it- people don't want to see you selling stuff to them ALL. THE. TIME.

It gets old. It's a quick way for your business page to be unfollowed if you are constantly trying to SELL SELL SELL.

An important part of Facebook for business use that is often overlooked is building relationships with your audience.

They want to feel a connection with your page in order to stay engaged.

Do you make them laugh? Share useful information? Switch up the content you post?

To keep people interested you need to get away from sharing the same old boring stuff.

Here's 10 ideas for new Facebook posts:


People love to share and like quotes that connect with them. Maybe your audience is mainly people who have children- post a funny parenting quote! Just be sure that what you share is representative of your brand. If you wouldn't cuss in a business call with a customer, don't share profanity or crude humor on your business page.

2. Pictures of your team

A good way to connect with your followers on a human-level is to share pictures of you or your team. It's nice for followers to put a face with a name!

3. Memes

If you have younger people as part of your audience, share a funny meme! Memes are popular and usually are good for getting some laughs. If it's funny- chances are people will share it. Just remember- stay true to your brand! Don't share something that may not be representative of what you wish to reflect as a business.

4. Contests

Create a contest for your followers. If Mother's Day is right around the corner, offer to send a bouquet of flowers to someone's mother if they win the contest. Don't forget to include a "Call to Action", such as liking or sharing your page to be entered.

5. Reviews

Do you have some recent 5-star reviews? Share them on your business page! If possible, tag the person who left the review and thank them personally.

6. Branded Content

Do you have someone who is able to create branded content for you? If you have an opportunity to put your brand on a post- go for it! Create a graphic that is reflective of your brand- and ideally has your logo, too.

7. Community Events

If you are a location-based business- share something going on in your community! Your audience members are most likely members of your community as well, and it will give them ideas on things they can do locally. NOTE: Proving you're a reliable source of information- and not just for the product or service you provide!

8. Holidays

Don't downplay the importance of acknowledging holidays from your business page. Just be sure not to single-out any one demographic. For example: Don't celebrate only Christian holidays if you have customers who also celebrate holidays from other religions.

9. Blog Posts

Write and share information from your own blog! Not only will you be providing valuable information to your followers, it will increase traffic to your website.

10. Videos

Similar to #2, posting a video of yourself or an employee creates a connection. Your followers want to know they aren't just dealing with a business logo who is constantly selling them things. They want to connect with a REAL PERSON. No better way to do this than posting a video of yourself or a team member.

I hope this information has been helpful! What ideas have worked the best for you on social media? Do you need some help with content development or social media marketing strategies? Let me know! I'd be happy to help. :)

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