Hi- I'm Kara.

I started Social Pro Consulting to help businesses and professionals harness the power of the internet to flourish.

I've worked in the online industry for years. I've helped people and businesses use proven online marketing and growth tactics to grow their customer bases.

I'm college-educated- focusing my studies on Business Management and Marketing. The courses I've taken in Visual Communication Design, Psychology, and Project Management also play a valuable role in my consulting and management services.


I have over four years of professional experience working in this industry. Some of my experience includes evaluating websites for major search engines, developing marketing strategies, content development, and social media management.

My education paired with my career experience ensures I am well-prepared to help you develop goals that will see your business grow.

I'd love to use all of my expertise to help you connect with your customer base and stay ahead of the competition.

Let's talk about your business objectives and how I can help you get there!


Social Pro Consulting


Grow today. Here tomorrow.